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Terms of service of

By placing an order at, you automatically accept all the terms of service that appear below, whether you have read them or not.

We reserve the right to change these terms of service without notice. You are expected to read the entire terms of service before placing each order to ensure that you are up to date with any changes or any future changes.

By registering or using any service on our website, you agree that you have read and fully understood the following pages: Privacy Policy and Refund Policy as well as this page of Terms of Service, and that is not responsible for loss in any way for users who have not read those pages as well as the following terms of service.

The use of the services provided by establishes an agreement with these terms.

Please read

⚠ The only way to contact support is through our website in the support section , you can chat with What’sup with your payment email and order number, it will not be answered by email ..
⚠ All our services are generated by BOTS or they are assumed to be BOTS unless the service says otherwise.
⚠ All our services have a 10-day guarantee unless the service says otherwise.
⚠ Partial Delivery. In case the service cannot be fully delivered, the remaining money will be returned to your digital wallet on our website to be used for another purchase. Example you buy 10 thousand followers for 10 thousand pesos, but only 9000 followers can be delivered, that means that we return 1000 pesos for the 1000 followers that did not deliver to your wallet on our website to be spent on other services.

You are Responsible For:

✅ Check that the link sent to execute the service is correct and the quantity before placing the order.
✅ Do not make more than one (1) order to the same link with the same service at the same time.
✅ Wait for the first order to be completed, or the current guarantee if there is one, to be able to place a new order for the same link.
✅ Verify that the accounts or posts are private/hidden or have any restrictions either by age or by region.
✅ Verify that the number of subscribers, views, likes etc, are public and have no access restrictions.
✅ If you do not comply with this: No refund will be made under any circumstances!
✅ Also, please do not take any follower/likes/viewing from other places when you have submitted any order on our website. ⚠ Our system counts only the numbers of recent followers/likes/views etc, so our system will count those as your own followers/likes/views.

⚠ Warning:

In the case of sending an erroneous link, that the account is private, hidden accounts or accounts with restrictions, the service CANNOT be canceled or delivered correctly and therefore there is NO refund.


✅ The profile / post MUST be public, without any restrictions.
✅ The link must be FULL, including https://…
✅ If “Username only” is mentioned, use only the username, without “@”.

You will only use our services in a way that complies with all agreements made with Instagram/facebook/twitter/youtube or other social media sites on your individual page, respecting their respective terms of service.

Delivery Times: does not guarantee the delivery time of any service. We offer our best estimate for when the order will be delivered. The start times depend on each service, it is normal that they start (not that they are delivered) within a period of 0 to 24 hours, those that are made for advertising can take up to 48 or 72 hours to start, while the campaign is approved.

This is just an estimate and l will not refund orders that are being processed if you think they are taking too long.

✅ strives to deliver exactly what is expected of us by our buyers. In this case, we reserve the right to change the type of service if we deem it necessary to complete an order.

⚠ Disclaimer: will not be responsible for any damage that you or your business may suffer under any circumstances.

✅ is not responsible in any way for the suspension of the account / activity or the removal of images, videos or any other kind of post made by Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other media or social networks.