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Service to Position Videos on YouTube – in the Top 5


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Please read the description of the service and the terms and conditions before buying and do not buy if you do not agree with them.

Do you want more people to see your YouTube videos?

If people can’t find you, watch your videos or subscribe to your channel, how are you going to organically grow your presence on YouTube?

In this article, you will find some ways to optimize your videos to rank better in YouTube searches.

Why is it important to appear in YouTube searches?
Every minute, hundreds of hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. The site receives more than 40 million visitors every day. If someone wants to find a video, probably the first place they will visit would be YouTube.

In addition to being the largest provider of videos on the internet, YouTube is also the second largest search engine (just behind its parent company, Google).

If you want to take advantage of the traffic and advertising that YouTube offers, you will need to follow a few tips.
Like Google, YouTube uses ranking factors to determine which videos end up at the top of each search results page (SERP). YouTube looks at the number of views on your video, how long users watch it, and how many ratings and positive comments it has.

For good measure, they also include the number of subscribers to the channel, how many times your video appears on a user’s playlist, how often it’s added to a favorites or playlist, and how many times it’s been embedded on a site. Web.

To improve your position in YouTube search rankings, you need to optimize your content so that people will click and hit play. And I’m not just talking about your video content. What matters here are the keywords you choose, the title, the description and the tags.

There’s a lot to consider if you’re trying to get your YouTube channel to appear on the front page of YouTube search. But hey, now that you know what they’re looking for, you can give it to them.

Below are some tips to optimize your YouTube videos.

#1: Choose your keywords well

You are familiar with the importance of keywords. Choosing the right keywords can be the difference between high visibility and page five of the SERPs (and you know nobody makes it to page five).

While YouTube can do a lot, it can’t search your video content for keywords, so you’ll need to add them yourself. If you need help choosing the best keywords, use the YouTube Keyword Tool to find out which ones don’t have a lot of competition.

Your keywords help YouTube determine if your content is relevant and help your audience learn what your video is about. Be sure to include them in your title, description, and tags.

As a general rule of thumb, use about 10 tags that include the video category, the content of the video, the location of the recording, and the names of anyone in the video.

#2: Include keywords in your title

Your title should tell viewers exactly what they can expect to see in your video. That can be more difficult than it seems.

Is your title too long? People lose interest and ignore you. Is your title too short? People don’t know if it’s what they’re looking for and ignore you.
Ideally, your headline should be around 120 characters, enough to tell people what they’re looking at, but not so long that they’re overlooked.

For example, a video titled MY Dog won’t really grab users’ attention because it’s fundamentally uninteresting. (I mean, how many dog ​​videos have you seen in your life?)
A title that more accurately describes the content of your video, MY Dog Working Out, encourages users to click and watch. The titles above are examples of good, clear titles.

#3: Optimize the description with keywords

When writing your video description, weave in your main keywords naturally. As long as the description flows and isn’t forced, you’ll be fine.

If you overuse your keywords in undesirable ways (that’s called stuffing and it’s poor tag), it hurts your chances of moving up the YouTube SERPs.

While writing your video description, be sure to include a link to your website or blog. For Google ranking purposes, a YouTube link to your website is considered a backlink (meaning more Google juice for your website).

The description of a YouTube video cuts off around the third line, so make sure you put the link at the top of the video description.

#4: Customize the Video Thumbnail

Your video thumbnail is the face of your video. It’s the first thing viewers look at when your video shows up in search, so you really have to wow them.
Take the time to create an engaging, custom thumbnail that conveys what your video is about. For best results, your thumbnail should be 1280 x 720 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

I hope that with these tips you can have a better position in the youtube ranking, but if you wish you can use our Service to position videos on YouTube


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